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About us

Building the next generational tool for narrative media creation. We strive to help business owners network and make sales through podcasts and content creation for social brand awareness, exposure and client acquisition.

Our story

Spot light on the Kopus story

Find out how podcasting can help you achieve your business goals

Initially, we launched Kopus spaces - workspaces for creators to rent by the day or by the hour. It was basically Airbnb for workspaces and creative spaces.

We ran that for almost a year, built an MVP and MMP and it worked decently well, but ultimately we are building Kopus for the business owners and creators so we went back and built a better tool!

Since one of our founders, Jason Allan Scott, had already built and sold 2 podcast shows, consulted for close to 100 and produced over 200+ episodes for B2B podcasts it made sense that we created a technology with an audio first approach to help businesses. We knew the podcast to content conversion process in-depth and were able to walk others through launching, growing and helping businesses network and attain clients through audio and video marketing.

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We believe we have 3 things that nobody else has. We are:

  • Fast. Content in 48hrs or we’ll buy you a present.
  • Cost effective. Less than a junior social media manager
  • Human and Tech. 99.9% accurate, with half as many errors as other services in show notes and transcriptions. And if the state-of-the-art in B2B podcasting isn’t enough…ask about our concierge service, one account manager plus AI plus a system that guarantees results or your next season is on us.

Our story so far...


KOPUS starts as a tool to help creators and business owners to find and book spaces to work in. We sign up a lot of venues and add an Iinsane amount of workers but the pain seems to be getting less over time not greater. We realize we need to find a pain we can solve and helps more people while doing so.


KOPUS V2 starts as an internal tool for making audio content to help our friends who are business owners. Eventually, we realize this software is the better idea, and spin it out as its own company, with the goal of building a next-generation tool for narrative media creation.


We finally launch all the things you need to network and make revenue through a podcast - recording, multitrack, editing, mixing, SEO, creating content, etc. Through all social media channels. We think of this as our V3 and the best tool for modern audio/video creation.

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