Podcasting for client acquisition – is there one strategy to rule them all?

Podcasting for client acquisition – is there one strategy to rule them all?

Client acquisition. You either love it (looking at all of the Business Development execs out there) or you hate it (looking at the ‘doing-everything-yourself-business-owners' who wear too many hats, we see you 👀).

What if we told you there was an easy (and fun) way to tackle your client acquisition strategy, which also straddles your social media strategy, press strategy, partnership strategy and brand strategy?

In fact, this one strategy could replace ALL of the others, if you wanted it to.

One strategy to rule them all.

And it all begins with a podcast.

So how does it work?

Let’s break it down to show you exactly how a podcast meets the following business needs.

  • Client Acquisition
  • Social Media
  • Press
  • Partnerships
  • Brand

Client Acquisition

Now the reality is that this client acquisition strategy works best in a traditional sense if you are a B2B company, and the reason for that is that you will use your podcast as a platform to start conversations with the people that you want to do business with.

It’s as simple as that.

Instead of cold emailing, cold calling and trying to build relationships with your ideal clients based on thin air, you’re extending an invitation to your potential client to come and join you to share and impart some of their wisdom to your podcast audience.

The strategy is straightforward. Build a high quality audio podcast with clear storytelling, calls to action and structure and start to build your audience. Pretty quickly your download numbers will increase, and you’ll have a platform that other people will want to speak on.

Invite your ideal clients to interview on the podcast with you, and continue your relationship building from there. People want to do business with people that they know, like and trust. As podcasting is an intimate medium, it’s not difficult to build that rapport and relationship off the back of a podcast episode. It’s like the two of you are having a private, fireside conversation that others get to listen in on. Creating this sense of intimacy between the two of you will make it easier to convert that potential into a client.

If you’re a B2C company this strategy can also work well, particularly if you can work with affiliates or influencers with large audiences. Find your key people who will distribute your message far and wide to attract more customers to your podcast, social media and website,

Social Media

This next part is a no brainer. With each podcast episode you record, you create a tonne of SEO rich content that can be broken down into bite sized chunks and deliver all of your social media content each week.

Not only does it get more eyes on your content and ears on your podcast, but it creates content for others to share on your behalf. If you’re using your podcast as your client acquisition strategy, you can create all kinds of content that you can share with your guests that they can send out to their audience.

These include (and are not limited to, based on how creative and imaginative you can be!):

  • Blog post for both your own and your podcast guest's website
  • Audiograms
  • Quote cards
  • Tweets
  • Email newsletter content

From this, you’ll attract new potential clients who want to showcase on your podcast, and you can start closing more deals!


If you plan your podcast series carefully, you can essentially create a press release from each episode. Write up your episode key takeaways and ‘newsworthy’ content into a press release and submit to local news, industry news, national news, and online publications to create more links back to your content.

Can you see how this is all feeding your client acquisition funnel?


You can follow the same strategy for client acquisition to build and maintain new partnership deals. Once you have a platform in the form of your podcast, a following and increasing download numbers it’s easy to open up conversations with potential partners.

Partners can range from affiliates, to sponsors for the podcast (who pay for the privilege of sponsoring your whole season), or advertisers who get a one off, or ongoing placed ad within your content.

There are hundreds of ways to slice the cake when it comes to making money from a podcast. If you want to talk about how your cake could be sliced, you can book a call in with our CEO Jason Allan Scott here. He loves to talk about cake 🍰


Finally, the brand piece.

You’re consistently releasing weekly episodes of your podcast, refining and reinforcing your brand message each time.

You’re creating scripts and new ways to pitch your product or business.

You’re getting your message into listeners ears each week with your educational and entertaining content and you’re reminding them why you are a brand that they want to work with.

And this all starts with a podcast.

A simple (but carefully crafted) piece of audio marketing that will do wonders for your business and for all of the strategies that it requires to operate in a profitable way.

Here at Kopus, we’re working hard to build the best tools to help you launch your profitable podcast.

We are a team of experts who thrive on crafting clever and engaging audio marketing.

We’d love to help you acquire more clients through your own podcast. Book in your call with Jason today and explore the ways that you can implement one strategy to rule them all, through a podcast.

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