Why does podcasting beat other forms of social media content hands down?

Why does podcasting beat other forms of social media content hands down?

Storytelling is built into our DNA.

Podcasts are basically an evolution of radio, and radio is a digital evolution of the storytelling we used to do around the fire in our caves, back in the day.

Every day, more and more businesses are launching podcasts as a powerful way to reach their customers, and there are a number of reasons why podcasts WIN over other mediums.

In this article we'll break down the 8 ways that podcasting beats other social media platforms.

1. Competition

  • As of Feb 2021, there were currently over 1.86 billion websites online.
  • As of 2020, there are more than 37 million YouTube channels out there. The number of channels is growing strong: last year it grew more than 23%.
  • In 2020 there were only 700,000 podcasts.

On numbers alone, there is far less competition in the podcast space

2. Attention

It is far easier today to compete for EARS 👂 than EYES 👀

Your audience’s eyes are been pulled in every direction with laptops, TV, Zoom meetings, mobile phones, advertising, images, videos... The average person today is looking at 2 screens at any given time.

The ears are less crowded.

Once someone has headphones in, it's just the host and the audience. No competition and as I always say, intimacy is created through the ears.

Screens separate us from the people on them, podcasts connect us to the people on them.

Podcasting is an intimate medium.

By speaking directly into the ears of your customers, you’re communicating with them in a powerful and personal way. Unlike traditional marketing channels which tend to be carefully curated, podcasts are often casual and unfiltered. Even if your podcast follows a general script or outline, your voice adds a human element to your business and gives listeners an authentic feel for the personality of your brand.

3. Ease of consumption

Podcasts are also infused with everyday life.

Since podcasts are perfectly suited for mobile consumption, people listen to shows anywhere and everywhere: during their morning commute, while doing the dishes, and as they’re drifting off to sleep.

Your podcast is a chance to create an intimate connection and reach your audience in new and more personal settings, while also finding where your brand fits into your customers’ lives.

Most marketing channels are an influx of information where brands compete against each other with bursts of short-form content.

Podcasts, on the other hand, are a chance to produce long-form material that gets a deeper message across. Podcasts aren’t constrained by time limits or character counts.

They are a chance to showcase your expertise and dig further into the story of your brand in a way that other formats can’t accommodate.

4. Community Building

Most fans of podcasts are not casual listeners. Of those who start a podcast episode, 80% listen to all or most of it.

That means podcast listeners will devote a lot more time listening to your voice in a podcast than they will reading your words on a website.

This dedication creates a community for your brand that you can cultivate into customers.

Loyal listeners are loyal customers, and the effort put it into your community pays back as revenue creators.

5. Audience Growth and Collaboration

This is about being cool by association. You can achieve a higher social status through association with a popular person in your space. Everyone who appears with you on the show is now equal to you, and vice versa.

There is also the cross-pollination effect of hosting guests on your audience that helps you grow and build a listener base much quicker than other social media channels.

If you start a TikTok/ LinkedIn/Twitter/Snapchat account you have to build your audience, one at a time.

When you start a podcast with a guest, you are already starting with at least 2 listeners. Your guest promotes your show to their audience, you get in front of a new audience, and they get in front of your audience.

This compounds by the people you bring on to your show with growth hacks around creating organic traffic you can grow and grow.

6. ROI

Podcasts are cheap to make, versus risking a ton of cash trying to make videos. The ROI of podcasting is one of the biggest.

We show our clients how to make money from their podcast from season 1 so that this can become a cost neutral marketing expense.

We have more than 20 ways to monetise a podcast, including sponsorship, advertising, sponsored questions, selling products, client acquisition strategies and more!

7. Repurposing of content

Each episode of your podcast creates a lot of rich, organic content that can be repurposed in various ways to support the SEO of your show, your website and your products.

With just one 30-minute podcast episode we can create:

  • 1 - 2 key word rich blog post for your website
  • 4 - 5 social media quote cards
  • 2 - 3 audiograms (short clips with a snippet of audio to drive listens)
  • A LinkedIn newsletter
  • Loads of short 'tweetables' with the best value bombs from the episode.

8. Don't be a slave to the algorithm

  1. YouTube has 11 algorithmic factors, of which you can control 4 (like, share, subscribe, comment)
  2. Instagram has 11 algorithmic factors, of which you control 3 (content format - reel, image etc., hashtag strategy, cross promotions). In fact, Instagram considers 1% engagement rate as GOOD for business accounts. If one person is listening to 80% of your podcast, we'd say that's far better engagement... wouldn't you?
  3. Podcasts have 3 algorithmic factors, and you can control them all (subscribe, leave me a 5* rating, review)
  4. Podcasting has one other bonus algorithm on Apple - if you can show compounding listener growth, your show will get additional promotion.

The great news is that we create bespoke content for all of these channels which drives your listeners all back to one place, your podcast - where you can upsell, get them in your funnel, give a call to action in more of a human way than your standard social media posts.

If you are ready to launch your podcast, you can book a bespoke strategy call with our CEO Jason Allan Scott to talk about where your podcast can take you and your business by clicking the link 🚀

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