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Affiliate Marketing Podcast

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AffiliateINSIDER is on a quest to keep affiliate marketing simple.

The show is hosted by Lee-Ann Johnstone, CEO of AffiliateINSIDER and Top 50 UK Affiliate Agency Owner. Podcast listeners learn from an array of digital marketing experts, business entrepreneurs, SaaS product owners and more to discover how digital is changing and how brands launch, grow and scale a successful affiliate program in this fast moving digital age.

Since launching the podcast in 2020, The Affiliate Marketing Podcast is currently on its fifth season with 50+ episodes under its belt.

The podcast has already had 25,000 downloads and has been in the top 200 Business News & Marketing charts in 8 countries, reaching number 7 in the Netherlands.

We spoke with Lee-Ann about her motivations to launch and her hopes for the podcast.

"We launched the podcast to reach new audiences, and since launch we ' ve had more advertising revenue and better brand reach. "

"I definitely feel that the podcast has positioned us as experts within the affiliate marketing sector."

"If you want to launch a podcast, go to a professional. This team has enormous amounts of knowledge and are immediately invested in helping you to get the best out of your team, your interviewees and short cut you straight to success."

We asked Lee-Ann to share her best advice for those wanting to start a podcast. She said...

"Just do it! Audio is a great way to engage new audiences at a cheaper cost than paid advertising. Get clear on who your target audience is, follow the process plan and keep going."


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