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Berlin Awakening Beauties Podcast

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Berlin Awakening Beauties podcast is the leading podcast for event organisers.

Each week, host Mark Felstead invites industry guests from Berlin on to the show to discuss a range of topics from venues and meetings to events and destination management.

Since launching the podcast in October 2020, Berlin's Awakening Beauties is currently on its third season with 22 episodes under its belt.

The podcast has already had 2000 downloads in its short time 'on air' and reached #5 in the Business and Marketing charts.

We spoke with Mark Felstead about why he launched the podcast.

"I started the podcast with an initial goal of getting in front of industry heroes, interviewing cool people and also to create content that has long term re-purposing value.

Since launching I achieved my initial goal of being able to talk to my hero which has subsequently allowed me to launch a successful business."

Mark has had success with 2 other shows that he launched through A Podcast Company and has plans for a fourth. In the first week of starting Berlin ' s Awakening Beauties he secured a £5,000 sponsorship deal for the show.

"Jason has been an excellent mentor and inspiration since the very beginning. The audio team has proved to be rock solid reliable and can do magic with my audio files. The content team has helped me achieved some jaw dropping results for me in chartable and the iTunes charts."

We asked Mark to share his best advice for those wanting to start a podcast. He said...

"Don't overthink it, just start! Podcasts are a great way to reach people who would normally have no time for you."


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