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The Propcast

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The Propcast podcast focuses on connecting proptechs, real estate funds and VC’s globally, and getting everyone talking about innovation of the built environment.

Louisa Dickins is host of the show, and the Co Founder of LMRE, the leading Global PropTech recruiter.

The Propcast was launched in June 2020, and is already on its 7th season with 60 episodes released to date.

The podcast has had phenomenal success with more than 47,000 downloads and featured in the podcast charts.

We spoke with Louisa about why they wanted to launch the podcast.

"We launched The Propcast to drive sales and help us get in front of industry heroes.

Since launching we've been positioned as industry experts and we've got lots of new clients and business opportunities and candidates from the podcast."

"The team have been so helpful and provided support every step of the way. I have learnt a huge amount about structure, content, marketing, sponsorship and much more I never even knew would come into it."

We asked Louisa to share her best advice for those wanting to start a podcast. She said...

"The podcast has been game changing for speaking with inspiring people. It's important to have good content and know how to structure a conversation properly. I'd recommend you prerecord the season before releasing so you can focus on the marketing when it's live."


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