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Treasure Time Podcast

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The Treasure Time Podcast offers advice on building children's resilience through difficult times through bite sized playful tips and activities to support families mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Sophia Giblin and Nicole McDonnell are the Co-Founders of Treasure Time and hosts of the podcast, and talk about parenting from a playful perspective.

The Treasure Time podcast was launched in April 2020 at the start of the pandemic, with the aim to support parents and children through home-schooling and lockdown.

The podcast was a one off season with 13 episodes, which has had more than 6,000 downloads and 122 5* reviews and made it into the top 5 UK parenting charts.

We spoke with Sophia about the motivation for the podcast.

"We started the podcast to launch our business. We wanted to drive sales, build a fanbase and reach a new audience which we were able to do in just one short season."

Sophia and Nicole were also able to engage in talks with big companies such as the LEGO Foundation using the podcast to position themselves as industry experts very quickly.

"Jason has been a phenomenal support in helping us to get it right first time. Bret was a brilliant, quick and helpful producer and Suzanne knows what she ' s doing when she repurposes the content!"

We asked Sophia to share her best advice for those wanting to start a podcast. She said...

"Make sure you have a robust podcast marketing plan. 20% of the podcast success is about the recording, and 80% is down to the marketing and content repurposing."


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