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#WorkBold Podcast

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#WordBold is the only podcast in the world dedicated to the future asset class called Space-as-a-Service (SPaaS).

The #WorkBold podcasthas been downloaded more than 36,000 in 50 countries across the world. In the podcast Caleb Parker, Founder of Bold, chats with innovators challenging the status quo to create a better world.

Since launching the podcast in 2020, #WorkBold is currently on its sixth season with 50+ episodes under its belt.

We spoke with Caleb Parker about his motivations for starting his podcast and the successes he's seen since launching.

"We launched the podcast last year to help us reach a new audience for our work, drive sales and get in front of industry heroes.

Since launching we've built relationships that have turned into business opportunities, built brand awareness and become known as an industry thought leader. "

Not only has the #WorkBold podcast been a huge success for Caleb and his company, Parker credits the success of the podcast for bringing in contract value of £1M+ for his business.

We asked Caleb to share his best advice for those wanting to start a podcast. He said...

"Be yourself. Have an agenda and don't shortcut your audio quality."


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